Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lockheed Space Systems Awards/
Loews Philadelphia Hotel
Client in San Franciso requested I help her produce her 2009 Lockheed Awards event to be held in Philadelphia. The event began with the reception being held in the Millennium Ballroom. I designed centerpieces of red roses, red dahlia and red hanging armathus in round brass vases. These were placed on cocktail tables dressed in gold satin linens with red silk, hand beaded overlays with silk screened gold borders and red silk tassels. Patterns of red roses were projected up on the ceiling to correlate with the red roses in the centerpieces. All of the columns and walls were highlighted in red. The performance stage was lit by a large gobo of the Liberty Bell. We had a Ben Franklin & Betsy Ross walk-around to greet the guests entering the reception area. Trio provided background music for the reception.

After the reception, guests were then lead by twenty five mummers, (Grand Prize winners for the 2009 New Year's Parade) upstairs to the Regency Ballroom for dinner and award presentations. Walls in the Regency Ballroom were uplit in bronze and tables were dressed in champagne satins, along with appliques of bronze and gold ribbons and sequins. The centerpieces consisted of Leonidis, Copper, Sahara roses, Mango and Chocolate Calla lilies placed in clear glass 24" round vases. We added bronze and gold beaded napkin rings to ivory napkins. Solo guitarist provided background music during dinner.

While guests were dining, we then took on the task of transforming the Millennium Ballroom, creating a dessert/dancing ambiance. We set up a lounge/seating area in place of the original registration area in the Millennium foyer and switched out the red silk overlays and red centerpieces in the original reception area of the Millennium Ballroom to gold sequin overlays and projected a gobo of the 'Philadelphia Skyline' over the main dessert table holding a matching ice sculpture of the 'Philadelphia Skyline'. All of the original red lighting in the room was switched out to gold and the red rose pattern on the ceiling was switched to moving gold dotted patterns to mirror the gold sequin overlays. We uplit the foyer in gold lights and added gold sequin pillows, matching the gold sequin overlays, to the lounge furniture. Live entertainment provided by Big Rick and his band.

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